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High Risk Merchant Solutions & High Risk Merchant Account Services

High Risk Merchant Services for Debt Agencies

Although we cater specifically to collection agencies and the collection industry, we can provide high risk merchant processing and high risk merchant solutions across many industries. We can help you accept debit cards, credit cards, and electronic checks - known as ACH Processing. Within only days, Zeno Payments will use our trusted network of banks to find you high risk merchant services with low rates specifically for your high risk merchant processing needs.

Our high risk merchant account collections application process is easy but we do require some external documentation from you. We will need your articles of incorporation, a financial statement or tax return, an EIN letter from the IRS, and a copy of your driver's license.

Merchant account approval is based on a combination of factors including the assessment of your business' financial stability, creditworthiness, and your business practices. That being said, declines are generally quite rare and, more often than not, we can offer conditional approval with a reserve balance.

Why Are You Considered
a High Risk Merchant

In the processing world, some industries are considered 'high risk'. Getting labeled as a 'high risk' merchant can make finding credit card processing difficult. A merchant processor may consider you a high risk merchant for a number of reasons:

  • High chance of charge backs
  • Previous merchant account denial
  • A high risk industry with high ticket sales such as debt collection
  • Poor credit scores or bad business credit

But don't worry, at Zeno Payments we specialize in securing you a high risk merchant solution with a bank located nationally. In most cases, we can have your completed merchant application with your supporting documentation approved within a couple of days.

Collection Agency Merchant Account Services

Credit Card

Having debit and credit cards as a payment option helps to increase your cash flow while providing the convenience that consumers expect.


With ACH processing you can help to expedite payments utilizing ACH's best feature: the easiness of setting up reoccurring payments.


We offer several different kinds of payment portals and several different integration options so you can choose the solution best for your business.


Let us save your company money with our competitively priced payment gateway, providing you with prompt merchant account funding.

High Risk Merchant Account Providers in USA

If your merchant account was recently close, or if you're looking for better rates or a second merchant account, give us a call and Zeno Payments can help you get high risk merchant processing that's right for your business' needs.

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