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ACH Payment Processing

ACH Electronic Check Payments & Transfers for Debt Recovery

ACH (or Automatic Clearing House) Payment processing is a nationwide electronic funds transfer system with allows payments to be electronically transferred from one back account to another through what's known as an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) in the form of debt or credit. Zeno Tools can help both small and large collection and debt recovery agencies become an ACH processing company. Zeno Tools lets you process ACH payments that are business-to-business, e-check, consumer bills, and e-commerce payments.

More people than ever are using ACH payments on their websites: In 2008, there were 18.2 billion ACH payments made.

Zeno Payments ACH Payment Processing

How does ACH Processing Work?

ACH Processing Features and Benefits

  • ACH payments reduce time and resources needed to handle paper checks
  • With 24 Hour online reporting you can automatically track ACH payments back to your customers
  • ACH accounts offer options like reoccurring billing and online payments, just like debit cards
  • ACH payments allow you to directly debit your customer's checking account to improve cash flow
  • Eliminate time-wasting visits to the bank
  • Provide better customer service with flexible payment options

ACH Payments Processing

If your collections and debt recovery agency is new to ACH processing, or looking for cost-savings and increased revenue, Zeno Tools can help you become an ACH processing company. We offer quick merchant account approvals and customized solutions to provide the payment plan and fee structure that works best for you.

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